When should you order your accessories?

by - October 23, 2017

Well now.

As a maker of veils, and as a person who absolutely detests feeling rushed in any way - Oh, the pressure! - I have quite a strong opinion on this topic. So I thought I'd share a little infographic I've made on what I consider to be the ideal timeline for ordering your accessories!

Most brides plan their weddings more than 12 months in advance, so my timeline starts 12-18 months out. Obviously everyone's exact timings will be different.

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The Dress

Naturally, one of the first items on your To-do list will be the dress. This really is the central piece in any wedding - everything else you purchase will be based on this first selection: Ivory or white? Beads or lace? Vintage or contemporary? It's all decided by the dress, and no bride really knows what kind of dress she'll choose until she tries some on. Often, the dress chooses the bride, and I've spoken to so many brides who say their dress is nothing like what they thought they'd go for!

First Fitting

Your first fitting is a key point on my timeline. It's when I want you to remind yourself of all the details of your dress. Take close up pictures of any beading or lace - we can use these for matching veil detailing. Take pics that show the train length - pics from the side show it best. Check the colour - 99% of dresses will be some form of ivory, but double check anyway. And just take more pictures - you really can't have too many! Want to buy a wedding bolero but can't remember how low down the dress is at the back? Bet you wish you took a picture!

(There are a couple of accessory items you might want to consider purchasing before you attend your first fitting, and those are anything that will affect the length of the dress in terms of alterations. So shoes and petticoat (if you're having one). Most brides do end up having more than a first and final fitting though, so if you haven't got them for the first one, don't panic too much).

Ordering Your Accessories

I've given you 2 months to do nothing but browse for your accessories at your leisure - remember, no rushing! It's not good for the complexion! This means scrolling through Pinterest, browsing our website and galleries and just getting as much of an idea of what you'd like as possible. You can then start contact with us and we can begin the back and forth of coming up with the perfect veil design for your dress (which you will show me pictures of, naturally). Or, if you like one of our set styles and don't feel as though you need a custom design, just add to basket and away you go!

The sweet spot for ordering a veil is the 4-6 month mark on my timline. I made it flexible, but really, 4 months out should be the maximum. The manufacture process (for veils, anyway) then takes around 3-4 weeks including time in the post. Any other accessories you purchse with us will be sent along with the veil once it's ready.

The Last 3 Months

Now, having done all that, imagine how cool, calm and serene you'll be knowing that by the time your second/final fittings and your hair trial come around, you'll have everything you need to take with you, and you can try it all on together to get a really good feel for how you'll look on the day - something last-minute brides often don't get! And if anything needs changing, there should still be time for that too!

I hope you've found this helpful in some way. The main take away should be to pay close attention to your dress at the first fitting and take lots of pictures, then get ordering shortly afterwards. It's always better to get things early and be calm, than order last minute and be in a mad dash!

I speak from experience and am very wise.

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