White vs Ivory - which veil colour is the right match for your dress?

by - August 23, 2018

Getting the right colour for your veil is very important. We get a lot of brides mistakenly ordering white for their veils. These days, a true white dress is a real rarity. I’d go as far as to say you’d have had to have specially requested your dress be ordered in white for you at your dress shop, as all of the sample dresses in the shop would have been off-white or ivory as it’s an easier colour to wear for all skin tones. On our little chart here, most brides are going to be in the middle range - Diamond (off) White to Light Ivory. If your dress is a more obvious creamy colour, the Dark Ivory could be for you. You can request samples of all of these colours, and also our deeper colours like Champagne and Blush Pink, on our website here: Order Samples.

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