A Delight at Twilight - Stunning images of our bride Tyne captured by JPRShah Photography

by - October 07, 2018

Holy Moly! 

We've just been sent these beautiful pics by JPRShah Photography and we're in love! 

I especially love all the back-lit ones! Such a different look to what we're used to for wedding images but I absolutely love them! They look so whimsical and romantic and they make the veil look extra boootiful! 

And who says you can't make a bit of rain work to your advantage, too? So stunning! 

The veil in question here was actually a bespoke version of our Grace lace bottom veil made a little longer and with a bit more added sparkle! 

Tyne says about her veil:

Well what can I say! My veil was amazing! I loved it so much that it only came off for dinner and then I put it back on!! It totally made my dress and there was so many complements on it! I am so glad I found you guys and you were able to create my dream veil! The torture of the wait was deffo worth it! I can’t thank you enough for helping me, answering my questions, you created perfection! Thank you so much! Attached are some photos of it! I’m really sad I can’t wear it all over again with my dress, it was the best day ever!! The veil you created for me was a big part of that as well!

Thank you so much

And now, the pictures... 

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